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RealConnex was built by real estate professionals for real professionals to remove inefficiencies in our industry, allowing you to find capital, investments or services or showcase your services faster and easier than ever before.

Keeping your data secure & confidential


With the RealConnex privacy settings, you can determine who can see your information and what they can see - keeping your data secure.


Members of the RealConnex community get verified by a trusted third-party partner, EarlyIQ. You can engage with confidence, knowing people are who they say they are.


RealConnex CRM tools are secure. You can choose who you communicate with and who can contact you. So you can safely collaborate and share information with your contacts.

Monitor activity in real-time

iconTracks Activity 24/7

Get instantly notified when activity is happening around any part of your business. Easily track when someone meeting your specific requirements joins RealConnex, or when someone is interested in doing business with you. Stay organized and up to date with your collaboration and data rooms to reduce management costs.

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