Real estate deal and networking platform releases version 2

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NEW YORK, September 15, 2016 – RealConnex, the first online marketplace connecting professional real estate to capital, investments, services and each other, announces the world wide release of version 2.


The release includes many new and innovative features for networking, capital raising, investing & lending, listings distribution and promoting of services.


The easy-to-use platform provides a technology-driven alternative to the traditional real estate deal making and networking process that relies on pre-formed relationships and personal connections.


RealConnex was named one of the top 150 new startups in the world at the renowned Web Summit in Dublin in 2015.


“Over the last 9 months we have listened to our users and invested in delivering a system that translates the sensitivities, complexities and methods of the professional real estate industry, into a ground breaking networking, deal making and sourcing solution” said RealConnex CEO Roy Abrams. “It’s been a long road, but with version 2, we have the real potential to shake up an industry” he added.


Dimitri Shaposhnikov, RealConnex CTO, said “RealConnex V2 includes innovations never before seen in an on-line real estate platform. Delivering this release was a huge technological challenge and one of which we are proud. The initial response has far exceeded our expectations with over 1650 new registrations in its first week”

With a registered base approaching eighty thousand individuals, RealConnex expects to accelerate its global roll out in 2017 and emerge as the world’s largest aggregation of real estate professionals.


Key new features include:


• Networking: Connecting members to the right people, allowing them to build communities that meet detailed networking criteria.


• Raising Capital: Five ways to connect projects with the right capital: Lighthouse Match auto connects deals to equity and lenders; Self-syndication – Reg D 506 B,C,A; Concierge assisted capital raising; Club Privé – Sponsors pitch live to the RealConnex family office, high net worth group.


• Investing and Lending: Connecting investors and lenders to the right deals at all stages of origination.


• Showcasing or Finding Services: Showcasing services and listings and connecting them to emerging opportunities that meet precise engagement criteria.


• Buy, Sell & Lease tools: Brokers – Distribute listings privately, publicly or to any audience.


• The Zone Navigation: Intuitively guiding users to their desired outcomes. A core system innovation.


• Members ratings and verification


Abrams and a talented team of advisors including Kevin Eyres, the former Managing Director of LinkedIn Europe, are leading the company’s expansion. Eyres, LinkedIn Europe’s first employee, previously oversaw the development of LinkedIn’s European strategy and initiatives.


“Much like LinkedIn, RealConnex fills a void in the marketplace. It’s a specialized solution that has the potential to disrupt a traditional industry” Eyres said.


A full spec sheet on what new in version 2 can be found here:


About RealConnex

RealConnex is a B2B real estate networking and deal-making platform designed to connect the entire real estate ecosystem on one platform and make transactions happen faster, more efficiently and at a fraction of the usual cost. The simple to use platform democratizes corporate real estate by enabling users to easily find capital, lenders, services, investments and opportunities in real time, that meet their needs. More information on RealConnex can be found at



Roy Abrams

(917) 793-9051 x 402

[email protected]