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November 12, 2015

Technology for the commercial real estate industry is booming. Millions of dollars a year are being invested in startups developing technology for use by brokers, investors, developers, and lenders. Everything from tools that streamline routine tasks to platforms for analyzing big data to online crowdfunding sites for developers is available and happening right now.


In fact, the technology developments cover such a broad range of industry concerns that it can be difficult to know which tools and platforms are worth investigating. Which tools could work for you? What are some innovative solutions to common problems? What is the industry’s direction on things like sustainability, CRM, and alternative funding? How can big data help you? It’s important to keep up with developments and trends in this area, but who has the time?


Fortunately, there are leaders in the industry who make it their business to identify and explore important tech developments. These are the CRE technology influencers, and they’re an up to the minute source of intelligence on all things digital. Following a few of these professionals on Twitter or checking in with their blogs from time to time can give you a real boost in your tech awareness. There are a lot of people sharing really excellent ideas and information online, but we’ve narrowed it down to a short list. Here are 5 industry experts that you don’t want to miss.


Coy Davidson

Davidson is a Senior VP at Colliers, based in Houston. In addition to news about technology developments, he writes about tenant representation and corporate real estate strategy under the name of The Tenant Advisor. Recent blog topics include managing transactions in the cloud, using market research, and what’s disrupting CRE (or not).


Duke Long

Indianapolis broker and social media expert Long writes extensively on content marketing and trends in technology. His style is entertaining and outspoken. He’s recently posted information about a new commercial property insurance platform, a summary plans for this year’s Intersect conference, and a profile of the new leasing platform, Kinglet.


Ben Osgood

A tenant rep at Dunhill in San Francisco, Osgood writes about industry innovations, including sustainability issues and green building. He tweets and blogs as The Tenant Advocate. His “Cool New Things We Love” series is all about technology and new applications.


Linda Day Harrison

Based in Chicago, Harrison is the founder of Brokerlist.com. She writes about innovation and technology in commercial real estate and shares content from other influencers as well. She specializes in bringing people together and utilizing technology to make that happen.


Chris Clark

This IT consultant from Syracuse specializes in technology, with an eye for CRE. She tweets as CRE Outsider, and that can be a good thing. Look to her for information on the tech side of things and a sneak peek at things to come. Her twitter feed is content-heavy.


So those are 5 people you should have on your radar, if you want to keep up with CRE technology. Tune in for some expert guidance on CRE tech.


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