10 metros ready for real estate investment

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Real estate investment is an ever-changing landscape, dependent on a wide range of factors. Overall, it’s a great time to be participating in the marketplace, with steady recovery evident since the downturn in all regions of the U.S.

But what are the best places to invest right now? The Urban Lands Institute and PWC answered that question in this year’s Emerging Trends Report. They list the following metro areas as being ripe for investment, representing 3 regions: the East, West and Central U.S.


Central U.S.



Three of the top 10 are cities in Texas, reflecting the tremendous job growth that’s happening there despite rumblings from an oil industry in transition. In fact investors expect the energy industry to continue to drive the economy in Houston, in particular. There are ample opportunities and available capital for investments in all sectors, with industrial properties leading, and strong demand from investors of all types, particularly institutional investors.



Austin’s economy is very different from Houston’s but it also supports a high level of real estate investment activity. The cost of doing business is relatively low in Austin, and the area is very attractive to millennials. This metro was top ranked for single-family and office property investments, and is also strong in retail.


Dallas – Ft Worth

Dallas-Ft Worth came in at number 5 overall, and its growth is looking very sustainable due to the diversity of its economy. While Houston relies heavily on energy and Austin’s economy has a lot to do with knowledge, DFW has a broader range of economic activity. A strong local development community keeps new projects in the pipeline, and a relatively low cost of living helps attract businesses.



The final entry in the Central region, Denver has benefitted from growth in the energy and technology industries. This has made the city more attractive to millennials and fueled strong job growth. This market’s strongest performance is expected in the office, retail, and hotel sectors. If there’s a weak link in Denver’s investment picture, it might be multi-family properties, which could cool off a little in the coming year, according to the ULI-PWC report.


The West


San Francisco  

Although it emerged 3rd overall, San Francisco has actually dropped a couple of spots since last year’s report. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a flaw in the local market, but just reflects the tremendous growth in other cities. San Francisco investment activity is extremely strong in the hotel sector and office and retail properties are expected to be very active in the coming year as well.


Los Angeles

L.A. was ranked 6th overall, and as one of the country’s major markets it continues to be very active for investors, particularly in hotels and single-family housing. Development opportunities are also expected to be very good here for 2015.



Availability of capital is very strong in Seattle, which came in at number 8. The technology industry has seen tremendous growth and is a major presence in the city’s downtown. The commercial real estate sector is especially strong.


The East



Interestingly, two of the top 10 metros are located in North Carolina, a state that has shown a lot of growth in the technology and medical industries. Charlotte, once a center for banking, has recovered from that industry’s woes in the downturn due in part to the influx of tech startups. Industrial and hotel properties show the most activity.



Boston was ranked at number 9, and is the highest ranked metro in the northeast. The city’s wealth of higher education institutions creates a pool of talent that helps drive the local economy. Hotel and retail sectors are very strong here, and there’s a growing Life Sciences industry that is affecting office space as well.



The city of Raleigh-Durham is becoming more urbanized, leading to investment in the city center that includes both commercial and residential sectors. The availability of capital is expected to increase here in the coming year.

Investment opportunities are plentiful in these top 10 metro areas. Their economic diversity, highly skilled workforce, and cost of living all play into this, creating an investment-friendly environment for 2015 and beyond.


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